About Us

Tiger Kingdom Suvarnabhumi was once known as Farm Nong Ngu Hao, which named after the local canal that has been running through the district more than centuries. The meaning of its name was the Cobra Canal as in the past there were plenty of snakes from various species especially Thai cobra.

Farm Nong Ngu Hao, has been establishing an indoor snake farm for almost 30 years to preserve snakes from various species throughout Thailand such as cobra, king cobra, python and albino cobra. The objective of the snake farm’s establishment is to maintain the symbolic Nong Ngu Hao to last its name for Thailand’s next generation, students, people who have their interest in snake and tourists.

Later on, in 1995 Mr. Voraphot Hansaward, the president of Farm Nong Ngu Hao has realized that tiger was one of the most extinct animal in Thailand. The tiger population had dropped dramatically due to an increasing number of tiger hunting in Thailand’s national park. Therefore, an intention of Tiger Kingdom’s establishment had been initiated in order to maintain and reserve the tigers’ population since then.

  • Wat Bang Plee Yai Nai

    Wat Bang Plee Yai Nai Wat Bang Plee Yai Nai (1590) is an ancient temple, which was built in Ayuthaya’s period (1350-1767). A revered image of Luang Poh Toh is housed in the chapel. This temple is where the famous Bang Plee Floating Marketing locates. There are many local shops that still maintain their original form along the walkway and canal.